Stockholm 2016

Laura Tesoro wins Eurosong – but how does Twitter react?

Belgium has chosen Laura Tesoro to fly their flag in Stockholm. Her song What’s The Pressure won all three votings tonight: the juries, the televote and the superfinal. The runner-up was the much liked fan favourite Tom Frantzis.
The results of tonight:

  1. Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure: 227 points
  2. Tom Frantzis – I’m Not Lost: 200 points
  3. Adil – In Our Nature: 159 points
  4. Amaryllis – Kick The Habit: 149 points
  5. Astrid – Everybody Aches: 125 points

Question is… how do people react to this song being selected for Eurovision? We’ve gathered some of the best opinions on social media, from Belgium as well as from abroad. Check them out below!

In general, we can say there’s a mixed reaction, but many people don’t really seem to believe in Laura’s chances. Adding to that misery is Kate Ryan, who tweeted (in Dutch):

Laura is not mature and sexy enough for this song. I’m sorry, but my vote went to #Tom #Eurosong

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with the next 40 entries, because after all, we only have three at the moment. What do you think of What’s The Pressure? Let us know!

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