Stockholm 2016

Watch the reactions of the Malta Eurovision qualifiers’

Following the announcement of the Malta Eurovision qualifiers’, escXtra caught up with all the finalists in tonight’s show. They were ecstatic in realizing they advanced to the final stage of the island’s biggest competition. A brief press conference was held right afterwards and minutes later, the full running order for tonight’s final was revealed by PBS.
The running order for tonight’s final

  1. Deborah C – All Around the World
  2. Franklin – Little Love
  3. Daniel Testa – Under the Sun
  4. Brooke – Golden 
  5. Raquel – Flashing Lights
  6. Christabelle – Kingdom
  7. Corazón – Falling Glass
  8. Dominic – Fire Burn
  9. Jessika – The Flame
  10. Jasmine – Alive
  11. Lawrence Gray – You’re Beautiful
  12. Maxine Pace – Young Love 
  13. Ira Losco – Chameleon (Invincible)
  14. Kim – Lighthouse

Meanwhile watch the reactions of all the qualifiers’, soon after the finalists were known.

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