Olivér & Andi: “We became really good friends!” [Interview]

He originally entered as a solo participant, but he didn’t feel his song was complete with just him. So Olivér Berkes went out to find a girl to join him on stage. He eventually found Andi Tóth and together they will be performing Seven Seas tonight. They spoke to us about finding each other and more. Check it out below! Hey Olivér & Andi! First of all, congrats on being in A Dal 2016! What makes Seven Seas the perfect Eurovision song for you?
Olivér: Thank you very much! We think the song contains a very strong message that is honestly delivered in our performance. Although the message of cooperation and synergy is a tough one, the music itself makes it in a way easy and informal with its melody and our voices. We strongly believe in the song and hope that the listeners will hear, understand and like the intrinsic value the song has to offer.
Andi: Thank you! I think our song is in the Dal, because whenever I listen to it, I smile and get happy from it and I don’t know why, and obviously we are going to try to give this feeling to listeners as well.
X: Why A Dal? Where does the Eurovision dream come from?
O: I think Eurovision is a great platform for artists to show their interpretation of a song. It is the competition of the songs, not of the participants and thus the connotation of being in a “competition” has a different meaning in this sense. Furthermore, it is a very good opportunity for us to introduce our music to the public. Without the Dal Andi and I wouldn’t be working together, because we both have very individual musical portfolios, but still in 7Seas, we work together for the same goal. We both found something that speaks to us in the song to which we can relate and moreover, we became really good friends.
A: I came into the picture at the very last minute. To be honest it was more the Dal finding me then anything else. When Oli called me explaining how he imagined his song as a duet, I really didn’t know what to say, but now I can proudly state I am very happy to be able to participate!
X: We have to ask you: Your song was originally introduced as a solo effort and now you’re a duo. How come?
O: Yes, it was. Basically, when Johnny K Palmer and Kovacsics Ádám- the composers of the song- called me with this opportunity, I was excited and went to the studio the next week. We recorded the song and although we found it strong enough, we felt something missing in the song that made us think about the future cooperation with Andi. There were already female vocals recorded previously for the background part, but we figured out that this should be brought to the front to make the song even more competitive and of course to make the message more honest and cohesive for the public. That’s how Andi came into the picture, which we think was a great idea. She gave additional flavor to the song that we were missing beforehand.
A: The composers and Oliver thought that the song would be better with a female vocal and as a duet, so that’s how I came into the picture and I am very happy for it!
X: A few choices for you to make. Feel free to tell us more about your choices!:
What was your favourite subject at school?
O: Literature, biology and music! :p
A: I was always waiting for the music lesson. I couldn’t wait to have the chance to “shout myself out” a little 🙂
X: Favourite thing to drink?
O: Since I’m on diet, it has to be water
A: Palinka…no, I just sad it to make Oli laugh! 🙂 CherryCoke is my favourite.
X: Cooking at home or going out for dinner?
O: Both are good. I’d prefer cooking for someone else more than just for me, but cooking is a creative activity. You can listen to your instincts and guts what to put into the pot to make it more delicious.
A: I love to cook and bake. If I have the time, I am the one preparing dinner.
X: Hungarian cuisine or Swedish cuisine?
O: To be quite honest, Hungarian food is one of the best in the world, so I’d say Hungarian, but I am open for new recipes and tastes.
A: Hungariaaaan 🙂 (But I’m ready and open to discover the Swedish flavors… 🙂 )
X: If you won’t win A Dal, who do you hope will? Which other song do you like?
O: Tough question and I could not say just one name. I’d say Katonák, Emlékkép (Beautiful Love) and Pioneer.
A: I think there’s a lot of good songs in this years Eurovision season. Freddie’s song is very catchy, just like Benji’s, but… I’m convinced we aren’t at the back of the line in this territory either. Being a girl with Transylvanian origins, it would be a huge honor to represent Hungary.
X: Who is your biggest musical idol? And their best song?
O: I have three people who inspire me really much, but sadly they are not as popular as they should be. These are Tank, Tori Kelly (who, on a side not, I would also consider marrying) and Jasmine Sullivan. I love almost every song they have, but if I would have to say a few, they are definitely:
Tank- I can’t make you love me
Tori Kelly- Should’ve been us
Jasmine Sullivan- 10 seconds
A: If you ask me about my idols, I can only mention names, whom I really look up to, who’s work inspires me and who are always be remembered. These are: Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, AC/DC, Elvis and Michael Jackson.
We’d like to thank Oli and Andi for their time to answer our questions. We’d also like to wish them the best of luck in tonight’s A Dal. Check out their song ‘Seven Seas’ below!

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