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Interview: AzRaH about getting goose bumps

Austria is getting ready to chose their candidate for Stockholm – time for us to have a little chat with some of the participants of tonight’s national final „Wer singt für Österreich?“. Here are AzRaH’s answers to our questions. Why do you want to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest?
AzRaH: I have had the dream to sing at the ESC since I was a little kid. I love the Eurovision theme melody and the feeling of all the countries being peacefully united. Millions of people all over the world share this one moment in front of the TV and root for their favorite acts in peace and harmony. I get goose bumps every time that I hear the EBU’s ”peace anthem” and I consider it an honor and a priviledge to be part of such a beautiful project as Eurovison.
X: Where did you get your inspiration for the song ”The One“?
A: My songs are always inspired by love or life. ”The One” is about the unconditional love between two people who cannot be together because of their living situation. Yet they can still feel, help, and be there for each other despite the distance.
X: Moments before your performance at the ESC you notice a huge coffee stain on your dress. What are you gonna do?
A: I‘ll keep calm and hope that the camera won’t zoom in on the coffee stain.
X: In the middle of your performance the music stops all of a sudden. How do you react?
A: I keep on singing and pretend it’s all part of the show.
X: Your all time idol offers to sing a duet with you – a dream coming true! Unfortunately, the only day possible for him/her is the day of „WSFÖ“. How do you get out of this dilemma?
A: I would thank this person for the possibility to make my dream come true and beg him from the bottom of my heart to do this some other day. Even if that means having to wait a couple of years – there is nothing like Eurovision.
We’d like to thank AzRaH very much for answering our question and wish her the best of luck at „Wer singt für Österreich?“.

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