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BNT set to confirm Poli Genova’s return

Throughout this afternoon, Tuesday 16 February, Eurovision Bulgaria’s Twitter account has been teasing further elements of their internal selection for Stockholm. Back in November, immediately in the aftermath of Junior Eurovision, our editor Nick wrote a piece on perhaps the crucial element regarding the identity of the Bulgarian representative.
Today, they dropped four rather obvious hints which will confirm that Poli Genova will represent Bulgaria in Sweden this May.
But why?

Clue 1

Poli clearly ticks this box.

Clue 2

We have a great example of a recent performance by Poli Genova. “Where’s My Dress” was the popular, eccentric interval act at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which of course she hosted.

Clue 3

Now. Here’s where it gets interesting. The immediate reaction from some fans was “WHERE’S MY DRESS” and this was squashed by the Twitter account immediately for obvious reasons:

Hmm… this immediately takes that song and option out the equation however… this doesn’t mean it’s not Poli.

Clue 4

Earlier when we said we have a great example of a recent performance… In fact, we have two. Remember that second song from the interval act? No?
There was also another performance with a few fellas also featuring on stage. Dexter, Dee and Lexus, to be precise, were the male artists who featured on “Give Me More”

This would be the relevant song to answer that response, for sure.

So it’s Poli Genova?

We will have to wait for official confirmation tomorrow but… to paraphrase Eurovision Bulgaria themselves, they gave us enough hints to make it very easy for us!
Do you agree with our answer or is there another artist you expect to see announced tomorrow? If so, let us know why with your reasoning!

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