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BHRT reveal ‘Ljubav Je’ – Twitter reacts

We’ve got our next song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Returning country Bosnia-Herzegovina have presented their entry Ljubav Je.
The song, which will performed by Deen & Dalal ft. Ana Rucner & Jala (does that even fit in the graphics?) has been composed by Almir Ajanović and Jasmin Fazlić, who’s also known as Jala. Deen is no stranger to Eurovision, after representing his country twelve years ago as well.
The song can be classified as a Balkan ballad, until Jala gets involved after two minutes for his rap part. Ana plays her cello throughout the song. Some Eurovision fans were watching the Bosnian reveal online and here’s how they reacted on Twitter.

Mixed reactions there, as often. It seems people are quite happy that BHRT is returning to the Eurovision Song Contest, but the addition of Jala and his rap makes people doubt about it. We’d love to know what you think, so let us know below or on Twitter. Here’s Ljubav Je:


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