Stockholm 2016

Kaliopi presents power ballad for Stockholm

Macedonia’s stall for Stockholm has been set out in style, as Kaliopi’s song, “Dona” has been presented.
A rock-based power ballad, “Dona” has a slow and atmospheric start before allowing Kaliopi to show off her vocal power in the choruses.
“Dona” was presented in a 90min show tonight, which strongly featured the events from her campaign in Baku 2012, where “Crno i belo” reached the final, achieving 13th place. Kaliopi is making her third attempt at a Eurovision campaign, having stalled in the pre-selection round of 1996.

The first performance of “Dona” (short for Madonna”) took place on MRT and was launched with the official video rather than a live performance. The reason for this was that the video offered higher production standards than were possible in the TV studio.
Macedonia will perform in the first half of the second semifinal. “Dona” is the only song in that show with no English. In fact, the only other song in semifinal 2 with a significant amount of lyrics in any language other than English is Jamala’s “1944”.

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