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Major changes at Melodifestivalen rehearsals

Two days before the big Melodifestivalen final in Stockholm’s Friends Arena, all 12 candidates had a first chance to rehearse their performance on stage. While some of them kept it just the way they went with in the deltävling, others have decided to try out some new effects to make the show even more exciting.
Most of the more effortful performances – like Oscar Zia’s record breaking clip sequences, David Lindgren’s laser show, and Ace Wilder’s cubicle constellation – will be presented to us without any major changes. Even Lisa Ajax is still being comfortable with the toilet paper hanging from the ceiling behind her, and Molly Sandén still counts on wind machines and smoke. Robin Bengtsson keeps the performance simple to lay the focus on his song “Constellation Prize”.

As opposed to that, we get to see confetti and pyro explosions in Panetoz’ entré to the show on Saturday. Luckily, the five cheerful boys have two more rehearsals to get used to the new effects so that they won’t be all scared and jumpy at the blasts anymore like they were at the rehearsal.
Just as football player Boris René’s “Put Your Love On Me”, the afropop song “Kizunguzungu” by SaRaha will also be supported by some extra pyro in the form of a fireworks windmill. If this doesn’t give the audience dizziness as the lyrics of the song suggest, I don’t know what will. Maybe the colourful projections on Wiktoria’s jumpsuit which were already stunning at the second deltävling in Malmö. To provide even more visual impressions for the audience Wiktoria and her team added some new projections. Furthermore, the performance will be heating up towards the end by the use of fire fountains.

This year’s surprising runaway favourite – 17 year old Frans – didn’t make a lot of changes in his performance, but he tried out different headgear at his rehearsal. We should be excited to see if he will be singing “If I were sorry” wearing a baseball cap, a beanie, or no hat at all on Saturday.

Running last in Saturday’s final are Samir & Viktor – reason enough to pimp their joyful performance of “Bada Nakna” even more and make them the real highlight of the show. After having been denied at Andra Chansen they finally got their wish for confetti fulfilled. But not only will there be shiny glitter pieces flying around, the two carefree buddies will also take their bath even more nakedly than before. Brace yourself for not only their steely abs but also ripped legs and tight knickers!

We will be on the ground in Stockholm to keep you updated on everthing that is going on in and around the Friends Arena until Saturday’s final. Follow us on instagram and twitter to see exclusive pictures and insides of the #melfest world.

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