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Poli Genova to sing 'If Love Was A Crime' for Bulgaria

Bulgaria held out until the last minute to confirm their Eurovision comeback, and they have now waited until the last possible moment to confirm their song, but finally we know what Poli Genova will be singing in Stockholm.
‘If Love Was A Crime’ was officially presented to the organisers at the Heads of Delegation meeting in Stockholm today, and it will be finally presented to the public on next Monday 21 March. It has been described as an international effort, written and produced by Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Armann, Joachim Bo Persson and Poli Genova herself.
The songwriting team has previously worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Kelly Clarkson and have promised something contemporary and radio friendly. Poli had this to say about the song:

The song is powerful, engaging and casts the one and only universal message – love is above all other circumstances. Love is something we discover everywhere around us and it is a feeling that is an essential part of us. It brings us energy and faith. And we feel exactly the same way, because we know love is what makes us unstoppable. We want this message to reach everyone in this world.

While the song will be performed mostly in English, there will also be a small amount of Bulgarian in the lyrics, as revealed by this tweet:

Stay tuned for this, the final piece of the Eurovision 2016 puzzle, which will be revealed this time next week!

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