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Laura Rizzotto speaks to ESCXTRA: “Red is my colour, it’s empowering” (Interview)

We managed to grab Laura Rizzotto at the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam last weekend and she was kind enough to give us a moment of her time and answer a few questions on our mind. 

Amongst all the commotion, we managed to snag the charming Laura Rizzotto for a quick interview. She was happy to explain the message behind her song, share details for the staging in Lisbon and talk about her favourite Latvian Eurovision entries. Let’s see what she had to say!

A secret kept for too long

Laura’s song isn’t just a beautiful melody, there’s a genuine story here talking about a girl falling in love with her best friend. She decides to keep it a secret at first, out of fear of being rejected. By the time she was ready to profess her love, it was already too late. Laura explained further:

The message of the song is really for people to embrace vulnerability and not be afraid to tell someone how they feel. Usually you have so much to gain and who doesn’t want to hear something like that? That you like them. So don’t let fear of rejection keep you from creating something beautiful.

An important message that should hopefully inspire a few out there to let their fears go before it’s too late.

Plans for Lisbon

Of course the most important thing on her mind right now is the upcoming performance in Lisbon. Laura remains confident about her team’s abilities. Her dress will come from a great Latvian designer and yes, it is obviously going to be red again:

Red is my thing. It’s my colour, it’s empowering and I like the way it makes me feel on stage

As we all know, the stage in Lisbon won’t have many opportunities for crazy LED effects, but Laura only sees this as a good challenge to be creative in new and different ways. She definitely has some cool things planned for us all so keep your eyes peeled.

And other Latvian entries?

This was a great opportunity to ask Laura which song by her fellow Supernova competitors or previous Latvian entries would she select to perform at Eurovison. She was quick to note how she cheered for Markus Riva and of course loved both “Love Injected” and “I Wanna”. Both entries that feature PLENTY of red, so we come circling back around to that:

It’s so funny because when I created my performance and everything I was already with the red concept because of my EP “Ruby”. Everything was red themed for that, so I’ve already been in connection with the colour.

And hopefully the colour will be as lucky for her as it was for Aminata and Marie N! We wish Laura Rizzotto the best of luck in Lisbon. You can check out the interview for yourself down below:

And for a quick reminder, here is Laura’s sensual Eurovision in Concert performance.

Are you excited to see Laura Rizzotto perform in Lisbon? Where is “Funny Girl” in your rankings? Do you love red as much as her? 

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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