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Edoardo Grassi says ‘victory is the goal’ for Madame Monsieur

In an interview with French newspaper Nice-Matin, France’s Head of Delegation has spoken out on the ambitions for Lisbon. Edoardo Grassi said the goal for Lisbon is a sixth French victory at the Eurovision Song Contest.

A win is the goal

In the three years that Edoardo Grassi has been the French Head of Delegation at Eurovision, the results have improved significantly. After thirteen consecutive participations with just one top ten result, the tide turned. Selecting Amir in 2016 and Alma in 2017 has given the French a new impulse and a new status in the Eurovision Song Contest. For this year, Madame Monsieur have now climbed to fourth with bookmakers, making them one of the favourites for victory.

In the interview, Grassi mentions that winning the contest in Lisbon is the prime goal. However, if for some reason that wouldn’t work out, they want to achieve their best result since 2002, when they finished in fifth with Sandrine François.

Preview parties as training

The interviewer of Nice-Matin asked Edoardo Grassi about the frequent participations of Madame Monsieur in the preview parties. After winning Destination Eurovision, the duo took part in Tel Aviv, Madrid and London. In Amsterdam, Émilie was ill and was replaced by the UK entrant SuRie.

About the preview parties, Grassi said:

It is not just a campaign to make the public familiar with our entry, but it is also a real training.

He added that the preview parties are fundamental for Eurovision participants nowadays. They, he says, help the artists in getting familiar with the Eurovision bubble. It is part of the experience of a contest that should be about fun and joy for the artists, more than anything else.

Lille, Lyon or Paris to host?

At the end of the interview, Grassi was asked about what would happen if France would actually win the Eurovision Song Contest in May this year. He confirmed that preparations have already begun just in case France win. That is, however, not uncommon: Many countries have a plan ready ‘just in case’.

The French Head of Delegation then added that they would, in case of victory, need an arena with a capacity of over 10,000 people. His choice would then be to launch a campaign to find investors for the contest. He thinks three cities would be the most logical as hosts for a Eurovision Song Contest in France, being Lille, Lyon and the capital Paris.

The full interview with Edoardo Grassi is, in French, available to read here.

What do you think? Can France win the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon next month? Let us know! 


  1. Oh no, I don\’t enjoy this song at all. It\’s so popular at fans but I don\’t wanna see this win.

  2. Oh no, I don\’t enjoy this song at all. It\’s so popular at fans but I don\’t wanna see this win.

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