ESCXTRA: Live from Lisbon

Day 2: Two love stories unfold on stage for Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Ireland – REVIEW

ESCXTRA are live from Lisbon for day 2 of rehearsals ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018! The countries rehearsing today, in chronological order, are F.Y.R. Macedonia, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Finland, Armenia, Switzerland, Ireland and Cyprus.

We’re streaming live from the press centre

Furthermore, read our handy guide for a more detailed look at this contest’s rehearsal schedule.
In addition, for our immediate reactions to every single rehearsal, you can follow our live stream from the press centre at the Altice Arena by visiting our YouTube channel.
The next artist to rehearse is Ryan O’Shaughnessy. We have just watched their first run through of Together live on screen for Ireland and here is our initial reaction.


The performance begins with a focus on Ryan and his guitar and makes an immediate effort to connect with the camera. The camera then pans over to a girl on the piano who is also providing backing vocals. During the first chorus, the camera pans around the two of them.
As the second verse begins, we see the first glimpse of the male dancers from the Together music video as they come over the bridge to the main stage. As they do this, the camera shots interchanges between them and Ryan. The dancers then recreate the bench scene from the music video on the main stage, whilst Ryan performs in what has become a live “street” scene.
The performance concludes with snow falling onto the stage, which I find very effective.


Ryan sings a lot of high notes and they may not be to everyone’s taste. However, I enjoy the mix between them and the backing vocals. I’d like to see the backing vocals become even more prominent to create a band feel.


Ryan is performing in a black jacket, shirt and trousers with white trainers. His dancers are in casual clothing, not dissimilar to what you have seen in the Together music video.

Watch the rehearsal!

Stay tuned for our reaction to Eleni Foureira as they rehearse Fuego next for Cyprus. If you want to know what to expect for the rest of the day, check out our rehearsal schedule here. Meanwhile, remember to tune in to our live stream from the press centre for instant reactions to each rehearsal.

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