An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 2nd

On 1st of May three Eurovision Eurovision artist had a birthday. Today, however, there are four artist that have a birthday. Two of them performed in the same year and in the same semi final! Engelbert, Martina Majerle, Saara Aalto and Inters Busulis were born on this day.

Engelbert Humperdinck, 82

Untied Kingdom picked the super famous singer Engelbert to go to Eurovision in 2012. That is why he performed his song “Love Will Set You Free” in Baku. Sadly for him the song did not catch many votes, and therefore ended in 25th place out of 26 countries.

Inters Busulis, 40

Latvia picked Busulis in 2009 to be their representative at Eurovision. Inters sang the song “Probka” in Russian at the stage in Moscow. Unfortunately for him the song did not qualify to the final.

Martina Majerle, 38

Martina also took part at Eurovision in 2009  in the same semi final. That is Slovenia selected to her go on their behalf. She performed the song “Love Symphony” along with the string quartet Quartissimo. Just as Intars´ song, their also failed to reach the final.

Saara Aalto, 31

Finland was set on sending Saara Aalto to Eurovision this year. And the song “Monsters” was selected out of three songs. Here is clip from first rehearsals last Sunday. But she will performed in the first semi final. We wish her the best in the contest as well.

We would like to wish them all a wonderful happy birthday!

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