Austrian and Swiss Mashup Creates “Stonebody But You”

Eurovision 2018 entrants, Cesár Sampson (Austria) and Zibbz duo, Coco and Stee  (Switzerland) have teamed up in sunny Lisbon for a special jam session.

The collaboration and mashup

Accompanied on guitar by Sebastian Arman, the co-writer of the Austrian song “Nobody But You“, Cesár and Coco sang the lyrics to each other’s Eurovision entry. Stee played the keyboard, Coco picked up a shaker, and we were treated to an incredible collaboration.
A mashup of the two songs was always on the cards as both have the tempo of 86 BPM (beats per minute), which makes a potential mashup much easier. The new collaborative version of Zibbz’s song “Stones” and Cesár’s “Nobody But You” also had to be given a new title: “Stonebody But You.”  Stee from Zibbz told that he knew it would work…
“…we heard the voices and I was always thinking Cesár’s voice would sound perfect with Coco’s.”
Let us know what you think of the mashup below. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @ESCXTRA for news and updates from Lisbon.

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