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Lithuania enters top five with bookmakers

Bookmakers soon respond to everything happening in a semifinal. One of the most remarkable happenings after the first semifinal tonight is the rise of Lithuania’s Ieva Zasimauskaite. The Lithuanian songstress now finds herself in fifth place.

From 100/1 to 12/1

After the rehearsals, people were admiring Lithuania for the beauty in their performance. During Ieva’s performances, emotions were often seen in the press centre. Those emotions were also visible tonight. In the last lines of her performance, Ieva Zasimauskaite found it hard to hold back her tears.

Those emotions got through to the viewers at home. Lithuania have made it through to the Grand Final of the contest and might be in for their best result ever. That record is currently in the hands of LT United. They scored a sixth place in 2006 with “We Are The Winners”.

Just after the first rehearsals, Lithuania wasn’t a hugely popular bet. They were in 22nd place with odds of 100/1, if you were lucky. Now, a little over an hour after the semifinal, Lithuania’s odds have shortened considerably. If you’re lucky, you can now get a bet of 12/1. One should expect these odds to shorten even more throughout the night.

Looking good for the non-performers

Interestingly, two of the other countries shortening considerably with Oddschecker at the moment didn’t even perform tonight. Both Norway and France are on a good run. Norway might just overtake Cyprus for that #1 position.

France were drifting a little after their second rehearsal. It’s now looking much better for them, with odds as short as 5/1 being offered for a French victory.

Other favourites from this first semifinal are seemingly struggling. That, however, is not unusual after a show. Cyprus, Israel, Czech Republic and Bulgaria are all drifting at the moment.

What do you think? Can Ieva Zasimauskaite’s “When We’re Old” score Lithuania their first top five result? Let us know!

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  1. Norway are only high up because the performer is a name known to bookmakers. I think he\’ll be as successful as Dana International was with Ding Dong.

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