An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 13th

Yesterday on 12th of May two Eurovision ladies had a birthday. Today however there are four Eurovision artist that have a birthday! The birthday people of this day have been really sucesful. That is two of them have won the show and furthermore one has done it more then once! Johnny Logan, Evelin Samuel, Alexander Rykbak and Ilse DeLange were all born on this day!

Johnny Logan, 64

Is one of the most famous Eurovision artist, because he has won the show for Ireland two times. As well as writing an entry for another contestant that won the Contest as well. The first time he won was his entry “Whats Another Year“! The second time was in 1987 with the song “Hold Me Know”.

He also wrote the entry Linda Martin’s entries, “Terminal 3” in 1984 and  winning entry “Why Me?“.

Evelin Samuel, 43

Estonia selected Evelin to be their act at Eurovision in 1999. Therefor she went to Jerusalem and sang the song “Dimond of Night”. Her song did really well and placed 6th at the final. In addition to this she was also on the Eurovision stage in 1997 as a backing vocalist for Maarja-Liis Ilus.

Ilse DeLange, 41

Netherlands went with the duet The Common Linnets to be there entry at Eurovision in 2014. Ilse was apart of that duet with Waylon. They performed the song “Calm After The Storm” in Copenhagen. They did really well, that is placed second at the final!

Alexander Rykbak, 32

Norway picked the Belarusian/Norwegian singer to go on their behalf at Eurovision in 2009. That is why he performed the song “Fairytale” with his charming violin play. He charmed Europe and won the show with the biggest score at the Eurovision until then!

He then returned to Eurovision this year, 2018, with the song “That’s How You Write A Song“. There he won the second semi final, and advanced to the final where he placed 15th.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them the very best on their birthday!

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