Kasia Moś and Norma John release ‘Wild Eyes’!

The highly anticipated duet of the two Eurovision stars is out! Kasia Moś and Norma John, the Polish and Finnish entrants in the Eurovision 2017 respectively, have released their duet song.
Back in November, Norma John teased the release of the duet when they announced their plans of releasing a new single, as well as the plans to record a song with Polish singer Kasia Moś in December.

“Let’s say what we wanted to say with this music video”

The song of the two Eurovision artists has the title ‘Wild Eyes’; its music video takes place in a forest. Unlike their last single, this song is closer to Norma John’s Eurovision song ‘Blackbird’. Through the music video, the artists wanted to show the relation between human and nature.

“We are a part of the natural world, inseparably connected with it, but we still show it little respect. We strive for our prosperity, for our own well-being and the question is whether these aspirations are not paid for by the devastation of the environment.”

Norma John’s Lasse Piirainen wrote the song along with Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Lilly Ahlberg. Furthermore, Piotr Witkowski, Kasia and Lasse produced the song, and just like in Eurovision, Kasia’s brother Mateusz played the violin. The song will be part of Kasia’s second studio album, expected for release later this year.

Kasia Moś and Norma John in Eurovision

The two artists represented their countries in the Eurovision Song Contest last year in Kiev. Unfortunately, Norma John and their song ‘Blackbird’ did not manage to bring Finland to the final. Meanwhile, Kasia Moś qualified to the grand final and her song ‘Flashlight’ placed 22nd.

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