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Full lineup revealed for OGAE Second Chance Contest 2018!

Every year, the Eurovision off-season is never really off. And indeed, since 1987, OGAE clubs have been organizing the Second Chance contest every year. The 2018 edition will start in two weeks, but today the last participating act was confirmed by the organiser, OGAE Sweden (Melodifestivalklubben). 27 songs from the 2018 national selections will compete.

What is the OGAE Second Chance Contest?

The OGAE Second Chance Contest (OGAESCC, sometimes shortened as “OAGESC”, though that can also mean “OGAE Song Contest”) is a fan contest organized every year by the OGAE, the official Eurovision fan-club federation.

Giving national selection acts a second chance

In this contest, the first one created by the OGAE (in 1987), national clubs send a song from their national selection (excluding the winner, who represented their country at the actual contest). Hence its name: it gives a second chance to artists that did not make it to Eurovision. Traditionally, just like in Eurovision, the winning club organises the next contest. This is why Sweden, who won last year with Mariette’s “A Million Year”, organizes the 2018 contest.
Organizing includes setting a schedule with deadlines for clubs to hand in their song, their results, etc. And of course, it also includes calculating the final results and designing a scoreboard for them.

OGAE Second Chance
The official logo of the OGAESCC 2018
A show and a scoreboard

This year, like in previous years, OGAE Sweden will record a show (in Eskilstuna, about 90km west of Stockholm) with an audience, hosts, interval acts, and the scoreboard. However, no live performance (from “candidates”) should take place. Traditionally, each club records a spokesperson announcing their top votes, and that video is broadcast in the show.
The scoring is simple. It is a classical, Eurovision-style, 1-to-8-10-12 points system, with the Top 10 songs for each country receiving points. This top 10 is determined by the votes from club members, who usually vote in the same way (awarding points to their personal Top 10 in the Eurovision style).

OGAESCC 2018: 27 songs, but all the clubs are involved

The participants

The 27 acts have been revealed on the official OGAESCC Facebook Page during the last weeks, some even before Eurovision had taken place. Here is the full list (with the official names of the participating clubs), in the official “running order”:

  1. United Kingdom (OGAE UK) – “Legends”|Asanda
  2. Malta (OGAE Malta) – “Song for Dad”|Richard & Joe
  3. Estonia (OGAE Estonia) – “Home”|Stig Rästa
  4. Slovenia (OGAE Slovenija) – “Ne zapusti me zdaj”|Nuška Drašček
  5. Finland (Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland) – “Domino”|Saara Aalto
  6. Switzerland (OGAE Switzerland) – “Compass”|Alejandro Reyes
  7. Germany (EC Germany & OGAE Germany) – “I mog di so”|VoXXclub
  8. Hungary (Magyar Eurovíziós Fanklub) – “Run Away”|yesyes
  9. Romania (OGAE Romania) – “Royalty”|Feli
  10. Czech Republic (OGAE Czech Republic) – “Fly”|Eva Burešová
  11. Denmark (MelodiGrandPrixFans) – “Music for the Road”|Albin Fredy
  12. Ukraine (OGAE Ukraine) – “Beat Of the Universe”|Kadnay
  13. Armenia (OGAE Armenia) – “I’m a Liar”|Nemra
  14. Poland (OGAE Polska) – “Love is Stronge”|Ifi Ude
  15. Lithuania (OGAE Lithuania) – “1 2 3″|Paula
  16. Latvia (Eurovision Club OGAE Latvia) – “Younger Days”|Edgars Kreilis
  17. Norway (Den Norske Grand Prix Klubben) – “Who we are”|Rebecca
  18. Serbia (OGAE Srbija) – “Pesma za tebe”|Saška Janks
  19. Albania (OGAE Albania) – “Piedestal”|Inis Neziri
  20. Sweden (Melodifestivalenklubben) – “My Turn”|John Lundvik
  21. San Marino (OGAE Rest of the World) – “Out of the Twilight”|Sara de Blue
  22. Belarus (OGAE Belarus) – “I won’t cry”|Gunesh
  23. France (Eurofans) – “OK ou KO”|Emmy Liyana
  24. Italy (OGAE Italy) – “Il Mondo Prima di Te”|Annalisa
  25. Spain (OGAE España) – “Lo Malo”|Ana & Aitana
  26. Iceland (FÁSES) – “Í stormi”|Dagur Sigurðsson
  27. Portugal (OGAE Portugal) – “Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso De Nada”|Catarina Miranda

All those 28 clubs will vote (Germany has two clubs, but they participate and vote jointly, so there is one German song, and there will be only one German top 10). But all the other clubs will also vote, as guest juries.

The guest juries
  • Croatia (Eurofest Hrvatska)
  • Belgium (OGAE Belgium)
  • Israel (Official ESC Club in Israel)
  • Cyprus (OGAE Cyprus)
  • Russia (OGAE Russia)
  • Andorra (OGAE Andorra)
  • Austria (OGAE Austria)
  • Luxembourg (Eurovisiounsclub Lëtzebuerg)
  • Greece (OGAE Greece)
  • Slovakia (OGA Slovakia)
  • Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan Eurovision Klubu)
  • Ireland (OGAE Ireland)
  • Turkey (Türkiye Eurovision Kulübü)
  • The Netherlands (OGAE Nederland)
  • Macedonia (OGAE Makedonija)
  • Bulgaria (OGAE Bulgaria)

There are two newcomers this year: OGAE Czech Republic, since they started their national selection, in the “participants section”, and OGAE Bulgaria in the guest juries.

The schedule of the 2018 contest

  • March 31st – Clubs confirming their participation
  • April 30th – Clubs confirming their songs to OGAE International and Melodifestivalklubben
  • June 15th – Preview video with all 27 entries, and opening of the votes
  • September 1st – Deadline for the clubs to send their results (hence, all clubs will have stopped their own voting process a few days before)
  • October 5th – Recording of the results show in Eskilstuna
  • October 13th – Online streaming of the results show

Last year’s winner, Mariette’s “A Million Years”, selected by the Swedish fans:

What do you think? Who can win the contest this year? Who is your favorite? Tell us more on the comments below or on social media at @ESCXTRA !

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