LISTEN: Elina Born and Jüri Pootsmann team up for a hot new single

Ah, early summer, a time of leisurely fun and sunbathing for most, but a trying time for us Eurovision fans as we try to recover from a long season, replaying that one track you can’t get enough of and all your friends are tired of by now, with a touch of sadness and longing in our hearts. Or maybe that’s just me…Either way, doing their best to alleviate our PED (Post-Eurovision Depression) with their new summery single are Elina Born and Jüri Pootsmann.

Long time fans will of course remember Elina Born from 2015, when she performed an electrifying duet with Stig Rästa and brought Estonia all the way to 7th place in the final. Jüri Pootsmann unfortunately wasn’t quite as lucky back in 2016, but still managed to win over plenty of new fans dying to learn new party tricks.

Well all of that is in the past now, Elina Born has said goodbye to yesterday and found Jüri Pootsmann to play along with their little shared secret: a fresh new collaboration on a single titled “Jagatud saladus” or “Shared secret” as translated into English.

Did they just run into each other at the mall?

Elina had just recently joined Universal Music Group, the same record company Jüri Pootsmann had been part of for years now. This opened up some new opportunities as they explained in a recent interview they both gave to Estonia’s largest music portal – Sky.

We thought it would be great to join forces for a summer single.

Jüri and Elina had been friends even before this collaboration, but things hadn’t quite worked out so far as Elina explained:

We have wanted to do a song together for a long time, but since I was singing in English and Jüri in Estonian, things just didn’t seem to quite…match up. And now everything just feels right.

This is something of a new experience for Elina as all of her past singles have been sung in English. That, however, doesn’t mean that she has deliberately been avoiding the Estonian language:

Those who have been to my concerts know that I also have a few Estonian songs I do covers of in my repertoire. I really do like to sing in Estonian, but somehow the time just didn’t seem right before and now I’m ready for new things.

Saying all of that, even Elina was a bit surprised hearing herself sing in her mother tongue:

The first time I heard the song, maybe I just imagined it, but my voice sounded different.

Even Jüri thinks that Elina sounds totally different when she sings in Estonian, but still great as usual. People might not be used to hearing her like this, but they both seemed to agree that it was something cool and new for her to try out.

Sounds fantastic! What about the song itself?

The actual song is an upbeat summer track talking about the childishness, unrestricted freedom and easiness we tend to lose as we get older. It’s sure to get hips shaking and feet moving on the dance floor, featuring a team of international songwriters like Kim W, Alx Go and Louise Lennartsson with the lyrics written by Taavi Paomets. So what are you waiting for? Just hit play. Cause that’s the only way:

What do you think of the newly released track? Are Elina and Jüri a perfect duo? Are you ready for a possible Eurovision comeback from either of them? Tell us a secret, go on…you can trust us, we won’t tell anyone!

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