An Xtra Happy Birthday; 22 June!

Greetings to Frane and Netherlands!

Yesterday on 21st of June, two Eurovision singers that celebrated their birthday, including one winner. Today there are also two Eurovision artists that have a birthday. One was a part of a duet and the other part of a band. Jeroen van der Boom and Jean-Karl Lucas were born on this day.

Jeroen van der Boom, 46

In 2009, Netherlands decided to send the band The Toppers to go on their behalf to Eurovision. Joren had then just started singing with the band.That is why he along with Gordon and René went on the stage in Moscow. Their sparkling suit emphasized the songs title “Shine”, unfortunately for them it did not help them advance to the final.

Jean-Karl Lucas, 36

France selected the duo Madame Monsieur to be there representative at Eurovision in 2018. But that consist duo consist of the couple Jean-Karl and Émilie Satt. But they wrote the music and the lyrics together. Their emotional song “Mercy” was therefore performed at the final in Lisbon. That song was quite popular and finished in the 13th place at the contest.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish these two Eurovision gentlemen a wonderful happy birthday!

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