Did you hear? Week 25

Tidbits from across the continent!

There’s all sorts of fun and interesting stuff going on out there in the Euroverse, and even though it might not all be “breaking news”, it’s still well worth a mention! This week we bring you, among other things, another Swede who’s not dead, a taste of the next generation and another summer(+) tour. As always; doing our bit to make sure you’re all up to speed with what’s going on! 

Samir is also not dead!

Samir Badran, known to us all as half of Swedish duo Samir & Viktor, who’s taken part in Melodifestivalen several times, has been really busy lately. Finally he realized he had to take a little time-out. Three days ago he posted this picture on instagram;

It’s captioned with the information that he needs to log off social media for a bit, as it’s been busy for a while and he needs a break. However, after receiving worried comments from friends and fans, and a lot of speculation in the media, he returned yesterday with this update, accompanied by this picture with girlfriend Sigrid Bernson;

Happy Midsummer! NO, I’m not dead! The media wrote a lot of crazy stuff about me, I’m fine! Peace

The next generation?

This isn’t exactly the most breaking of news, but some of you might not have heard yet, so here goes. In early spring every year, one of the most popular singing competitions for children in Iceland takes place. It is called Söngkeppni Samfés, and the contestants are between 14 and 16 years old. This year’s edition was won by none other than Regína Ósk’s daughter, Aníta. Anyone else thinking we might see this very talented young lady on the Eurovision stage in a few years’ time?

Michael’s wonderful year!

German representative at this year’s Eurovision, Michael Schulte, is having a very special year. First he won the German ticket to Lisbon with a song about losing his father. Then he found out he’s gonna be a father himself. At Eurovision he managed to give Germany their second best result of the millennium, only beaten by Lena’s victory back in 2010. And then, only a few weeks ago, he married his long time girlfriend! The excitement doesn’t stop there, though! Now he has released the schedule for his tour! All the remaining concerts are in Germany, so if you happen to be in any of the following cities at any of these dates, you know what to do!!

New HoD in Estonia!

Tomi Rahula, who is both a Eurovision songwriter and national final participant, has been appointed as the new Estonian Head of Delegation! If you wanna get to know him a bit better, check out our article about him!!


Finally; guess what Poli Genova and SuRie will be doing during the first weekend of October?! They will be celebrating Eurobash in Leeds with the members of OGAE UK! The most exciting and fun part of this event, though, is without a doubt Eurostars! Are you going to Eurobash this year, and if so; will you take part in the contest? I’ll share one of my favorite performances ever, the wonderful Vikki Spence!

This woman can do no wrong!!

I’ll be back with more little tidbits from around the Euroverse next weekend. Until then; enjoy summer, wherever you are! Here in Iceland it is of the wet variety, but we’re loving it still! Btw; did you hear what google said about Carola?! 

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