An Xtra Happy Birthday; 28 June

Greetings to Finland, Slovenia, Turkey, Estonia and Latvia!

Yesterday we had four Eurovision birthdays to celebrate. Today we add another, thereby bringing you two birthday boys and three girls. The oldest is celebrating her 70th birthday today, while the youngest was born as recently as the 80s. The best result at Eurovision, however, was Harun Tekin’s; he finished 7th! 

Kristina Hautala, 70

Kristina Hautala represented Finland at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest in London. She performed the song “Kun kello käy”, receiving a single point, thus finishing in shared last place.

Tanja Ribic, 50

Tanja represented Slovenia at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. She performed the song “Zbudi se”, finishing in a very respectable tenth place.

Harun Tekin, 41

Harun Tekin represented Turkey at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. He did so as lead singer and guitarist of rock band Mor ve ötesi. Harun is also one of the founding members of the band, and co-wrote their entry “Deli”. After finishing seventh in their semi, thus sailing through to the final, they went on to claim the same spot on the Saturday night.

Anu Taul, 39

Ana Taul represented Estonia at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul. She did so as part of the group Neiokõsõ. They performed the song “Tii” in the semi-final, finishing in shared 11th place, thus failing to qualify for the final.

Marats Ogleznevs, 35

Marats represented Latvia in the 2011 Eurovision in Dusseldorf. As part of the male duo Musiqq he performed his own song “Angel in Disguise”. They finished 17th out of 19th in their semi, thus not making it to the final.

We here at escXtra hope that Anu, Kristina, Tanja, Harun and Marats all have Xtra super birthdays today!! 

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