Listen; Martin Stenmarck releases Swedish version of “Too Late”

"Too Late" or "Du och Jag"; which one do you prefer?

In late March, Martin Stenmarck released his song, “Too Late” (video below). It has received a good welcome and has been played frequently on various radio stations in Sweden. Now there is a Swedish version of the song; “Du och jag”, meaning you and I.

Du och jag

The Swedish version came about after several fans had gotten in touch with Martin, asking him for Swedish lyrics. Martin wrote “Du och jag” together with songwriters Jacob Lindvall and Erik Fhager. The live world premiere of “Du och jag” will happen in the tv-show “Lotta på Liseberg” on Monday. However, you can listen to it on Spotify already today!

Martin says that they wanted to change the song a bit, compared with the English version. They wanted dirty guitars, big drums and a new attitude both in the melody and the lyrics.

Martin Stenmarck in Eurovision Song Contest

Martin represented Sweden at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. He finished 19th in the grand final, giving Sweden one of their poorest results in the contest. His song, “Las Vegas”, was however quite successful in Sweden, where it reached 1st place in the charts.

Were you a fan of “Las Vegas” back in 2005? What do you think of “Too Late”/”Du och jag”? And which version do you prefer?

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