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Netta: “I hope Will Ferrell treats Eurovision with the respect it deserves!”

Netta speaks to Metro UK in their "Sixty Seconds with..." series

Last week, Metro UK published an interview with 2018 Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta. In Sixty Seconds with Netta Barzilai, the Israeli star talked all things Eurovision from her beginnings on HaKokhav HaBa (Rising Star) to the Eurovision grand final itself. Netta also commented on the upcoming Eurovision original Netflix comedy movie starring Will Ferrell.

“I hope he’s going to treat Eurovision with the respect it deserves”

Back in May, Will Ferrell was spotted in and around the Altice Arena during the Eurovision Song Contest. Then, last month, it was revealed that Will Ferrell will not star in an upcoming original Netflix comedy movie based on the world’s biggest entertainment show. He will also produce the film with Jessica Elbaum and write the script with Andrew Steele. Adam McKay will be the Executive Producer of the film. It received a mixed reaction from fans, with some citing more publicity for the contest as a positive. However, others worried that it could damage the contest’s reputation that has improved so much over the last decade.
When asked her thoughts on the upcoming Will Ferrell project, and whether she met him in Lisbon, Netta told the Metro:

Will is a funny guy but I didn’t meet him, sadly. I hope he’s going to treat Eurovision with the respect it deserves!

“Thank you for choosing different”

One of the most memorable moments of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest were Netta’s passionate words that she gave upon winning the famous trophy. When asked to expand upon her statement “thank you for choosing different” and whether it related to beating the “conventionally sexy” Eleni Foureira from Cyprus, Netta explains:

I said that because I don’t look or sound or create or send a message like any other thing on Eurovision so far. The thing that wins is usually something a bit more standard and for them to choose something they’d never heard before is major — and I’m grateful for people taking a step forward. As a society we won’t evolve if we don’t accept change, and it’s very moving to see what’s happening. If we are brave enough to change stuff and choose something fresh…

“There’s enough Netta for everybody”

The interview concluded on a fun statement about Netta’s new found popularity. “Everyone wants a bit of Netta at the moment, don’t they?” asks the Metro. Netta responds:

Yeah, but there’s enough Netta for everybody.

You can read the full Sixty Seconds with Netta Barzilai interview on the Metro UK website!

Did you spot the interview in the Metro last week? Furthermore, what do you make of the interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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