WATCH: Let the dancing begin with Lea Sirk’s new single “Moj profil”

Social media oh oh, uh, oh oh...

Summer isn’t just the time for enjoying the sunshine, relaxing by the sea and drinking piña coladas. No, it’s also the time to enjoy the sunshine, relax by the sea, drink piña coladas AND have someone film it all and turn it into a music video.  The summer hits just keep on coming and next to treat us is the bubbly Lea Sirk herself with her new single “Moj profil” (My profile). A song that has already grabbed a few awards in Slovenia!

It’s a catchy and upbeat summer bop that also manages to take a slight jab at the dominance of social media and our obsession with looking perfect online. The song comes complete with a brand new music video featuring some interesting Adam & Eve imagery and asks us to spare our phones from the heat and instead enjoy the summer by throwing apples into the sea and covering our nether regions with nothing but a leaf. Honestly, in this heat that isn’t such a bad idea.

The song has already netted Lea a nice new trophy and is sure to become a big hit. So time to stop hugging the air conditioning unit and check out the video for yourself down below:

You mentioned an award? Is there a trophy? Is it shiny?

You bet it is! The single won Slovenia’s annual “Melodij morja in sonca” festival  or “Melodies of the sea and the sun” in a manner we can all understand. It’s a big event that celebrates some of the hottest summer music out there in Slovenia and thanks to this victory, Lea Sirk finds herself among a group of winners that in the past have included  Tinkara Kovač, Nuša Derenda and Raay. Yes, I see a connection there too, they all have “r” in their names.

It’s no wonder Lea won the grand prize (given out after combining televotes, jury votes, votes from the live audience and votes from certain radio stations) since her video features PLENTY of both the sun AND the sea. Even the juries were impressed enough to also give her the special Best Music Award. Hopefully this is just one of many awards  heading her way.

Obrigado não!

Of course we all remember Lea’s entry from this year, with all of its flashing lights, synchronised dance moves and totally not at all rehearsed “technical mishaps”. She managed to break Slovenia’s recent string of bad luck and brought them back to the grand final. And although she herself might have gotten sick of the song (as you might know if you followed the press conferences), we certainly haven’t. So if you still have a device capable of playing videos in your house that HASN’T melted yet, let’s take a look at it again:

What do you think of the single? Is it as big of a toe tapper as Hvala Ne?  Why is the sun so hot? How do I stop my skin from burning?

Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

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