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Pastora Soler talks about Spain’s drama-led approach to the Eurovision Song Contest

Pastora Soler has shares her thoughts on Eurovision 2018

Spain’s representative from 2012, Pastora Soler, has opened up to morning newspaper El Periódico about Spain’s approach to the Eurovision Song Contest. In the interview to the paper, she explains the sheer pressure that comes with representing your country stating in a matter-of-fact  way: “there’s a lot of pressure in the contest”.

No more drama!

Pastora’s simple statement can and should be unpacked further. In recent years, almost every Spanish representative have been subject to rumors, scandal and drama. The “Quedate Conmigo” songstress believes that this media circus trend will negatively impact the long-term prospects of acts wishing to represent Spain:

So much controversy does not bring any benefit to our future participation. To continue like this, nobody will want to participate. 

Let’s not forget the big, loud, nasty DRAMA of last year’s Objetivo Eurovisión, which led to accusations, insults and even physical attacks following Manel Navarro’s controversial win. The Spanish broadcaster was also forced to reveal their budget for the 2015 contest last year. When asked about the pressure from the media, she hinted towards the rumour that RTVE wanted her to sabotage her own performance so they wouldn’t need to host the 2013 contest:

 I felt this in my year, everything was analyzed and criticized.

Nevertheless, Pastora showed solidarity to Alfred and Amaia, praising them:

As the Eurofan I am, I found the participation of Amaia and Alfred with “Tu Canción” a very dignified one. The song is very beautiful and they have been very well. We should be proud of our performance.

Pastora Soler in the Eurovision Song Contest

Pastora Soler represented Spain in Baku, Azerbaijan in the 2012 contest. Thanks to her powerhouse vocals, her song “Quedate Conmigo” came 10th overall with 97 points. This marked the first time in eight years that Spain broke into the top 10!
The duo Alfred and Amaia represented Spain this year with the song “Tu Canción”. They placed 23rd in the Grand Final with 61 points.

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