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NDR reveal more details about updated Unser Song for 2019

Six is so 2018, eight or ten are the new trend!

It might feel like we just got done hearing people scream “THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL SHOW” and seeing a young girl by the name of Netta be crowned the winner of Eurovision 2018, but countries are already making plans for national selections to be held in 2019. One of those countries is Germany, who already confirmed their return, but with slight changes (what else is new?) to their usual selection format (which is most likely to be) Unser Song. 

The jury application process opened for Unser Song 2019 just a few weeks ago. But what exactly will these jury members be doing and what will the format of the new national final look like? Thanks to NDR, we now know a bit more.
A submission window is already open for artists looking to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. From those, two different juries pick the top 20 participants to move on to the next round.
One of these juries will consist of 100 members of the public as picked through the application process listed above.  The second jury will consist of known industry professionals and experts.
Next up, the top 20 will take part of a professional music camp to work with other musicians and coaches. THEN they each create a video of a performance of theirs. The juries will re-evaluate and pick the eight to ten best artists and send them to yet ANOTHER songwriting camp to work with more experts and actually come up a song for Eurovision.
AFTER all that, the participants will peform their newly finished songs at the live Unser Song 2019  final. There the two juries AND the televoters will vote on their favourite.

*deep breath* You got all that? Good! So if you are at least 18 years of age,  happen to live in Germany (or not, as they don’t even require it) and want to be a part of that elaborate process AND can (hopefully) hold a tune, get ready to apply!  Submission window closes on July 31st. And if not, well do whatever it is you want to do, we aren’t judging…

Walking alone in Lisbon

This year of course Germany only needed 6 possible candidates to know that Michael Schulte was the right choice. He tugged on our heartsrings with an emotional ballad dedicated to his dad, who had passed away when he was 13.
He touched the hearts of people not just from Germany, but from all over Europe (and Australia) and brought Germany back into the top 10 after six years. If you need a reminder, here is his performance from this year’s final (WARNING: you might want to grab a box of tissues before you begin):

What do you think about this news? Do you like the the idea of having more participants?  Is going to a music camp like going to summer camp? Because I always hated those. 
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