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Bulgaria’s Gery-Nikol hits back following claims she was arrested in Paris for twerking

The X Factor Bulgaria star is always top of the rumour mill when it comes to future Bulgarian Eurovision representatives

When it comes to Bulgarian Eurovision rumour mills, Gery-Nikol is never far from the top of the list. Indeed, she was most heavily rumoured to represent Bulgaria in 2017 with an English-language version of Gotina i luda. Indeed, this song titled One of a Kind was eventually released shortly after the contest in Kyiv. Now, the Bulgarian pop star is in the headlines of international media outlets claiming she was arrested after twerking in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which Gery-Nikol completely denies.

“Fake news” from the Daily Mail?

According to the Daily Mail, Gery-Nikol and her friend were arrested on July 16th after they danced and twerked in the middle of a road in front of the iconic French landmark. The Bulgarian singer posted a video of the event in question on her Instagram page, which you can watch below, with no mention of any police officers. Nevertheless, the newspaper claims that cars were forced to “drive around them”. Then, “moments later, the pair were “arrested for violating public order”.

Gery-Nikol denies all claims of wrongdoing

Responding to the news story, Gery-Nikol released a statement via her Instagram story. The Bulgarian-language statement has been translated for us by our friends over at In a summarised version of her statement, Gery-Nikol explains:

There’s been a lot of fake news about me recently and the sources are untrustworthy. While I think there’s no such thing as bad publicity, I can’t not deny the claims in these articles which say I was arrested and violated the law. The video was filmed right in front of the Eiffel Tower where many people, famous and not famous, take photos. We filmed our video whilst the cars were stopped at a traffic light. The video ends once the cars start moving once again.

The Bulgarian star continues:

If our actions actually violated public laws, logically we wouldn’t have published the video. After filming the video, we continued with our day having a good time in the city without being bothered by anyone. Therefore, I address the media that published this incorrect information with the  hope they will now publish the truth.

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