Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 30

Another Sunday, meaning another week of Eurovision news and fun is over. There is however no need to despair; I have, as always, found a few little chunks of gold from across the Euroverse to entertain you! They might not be front page worthy, but they definitely deserve a mention! 

Alexander in Iranian duet

Alexander Rybak is really reaching audiences all over the world these days! Yesterday he posted a little snippet of a video on his Instagram. This is a clip from Iranian singer Arad Aria’s song “Bade To”, where Alexander’s violin is the duet partner! We have not been able to find a link to the full song yet, but we will keep looking!

This week’s fountain of wisdom

Jessika Muscat represented San Marino at the 2018 Eurovision with “Who We Are”, a song about bullying, that she performed with Jenifer Brening. She took a stand against bullying by for instance participating in the Queen Elizabeth Park Run 10k in April. Jessika also shares anti bullying and other inspirational nuggets of wisdom on her Instagram.

New music from Ieva soon!

The amazingly wonderful Ieva Zasimauskaite is hinting at new music coming up! On her instagram she posted this gorgeous picture, captioning it “New project is coming very soon 💛 with @justinasjarutis”. Hoping it will be as good as “When We’re Old”, I’ll keep my eyes wide open for any further info on this!

New project is coming very soon 💛 with @justinasjarutis
@jujufotografija Ačiū už pagautą kadrą. #Pomegranate #lightning #makemefeelthisway 💜

Netta shows some attitude

Netta is a very busy young lady these days! Just to mention a couple of things, she’s in super cool commercials and performing on morning TV over in the US of A. In addition to those things, (and how cool is this?!), she is also in the cover of the pride special edition of “attitude” magazine in The Netherlands!

Elina and the Raspberries

Elina Nechayeva loves summertime with all her heart and tummy! (Her words, from the caption to this adorable raspberry picture!) Her Instagram is full of fun, beauty and music, so make sure to follow her! She doesn’t just love berries; she apparently also gets to fly herself to her gigs, in a helicopter!

Earlier in the month she was one of the many Eurovision artists who performed at the Laima Rendezvous festival in Latvia. How many Eurovision related names can you find here? And who else (in addition to me) thinks this might be a cool festival to go to at some point?

Jóhanna/Yohanna features in new song for Þjóðhátíð

As we told you just a couple of weeks ago, it’s very soon time for Iceland’s National Festival, or “Þjóðhátíð”. Even though it’s brothers Friðrik Dór and Jón Jónsson who have recorded the official festival songs, other artists also tend to release songs in relation to the festival. This year, radio program FM95Blö has joined forces with Jóhanna Guðrún/Yohanna to do this;

Vocally (and visually) as flawless as ever! (Yohanna, that is 😛 )

Bettan release autobiography

Elisabeth Andreassen, better known as just Bettan, is releasing her autobiography in September! She has written it with Arnhild Skre, and they have been  working on it for two years. Bettan announced this on her Instagram, and also revealed that she will go on a publishing tour when the book is released.

Keep enjoying summer!! I also hope you enjoy my weekly roundup of “not-so-breaking news” from the Euroverse (and beyond)!!  

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