LISTEN: Friðrik Dór wants good conversation

Friðrik Dór, who finished second in Söngvakeppnin 2015 (but still got to go to Eurovision!) has just released a new song, called “Segir ekki neitt” (Don’t Say Anything). It’s a very dancable summery track, so make sure to add it to your summer playlist!

Talk, talk, talk!

“Segir ekki neitt” is about how this guy’s girlfriend talks all the time, without really saying anything. He wants more meaningful conversation in the relationship. They keep “talking in circles”, not getting anywhere. I guess this is a situation quite a few people can relate to. 

StopWaitGo again! 

Friðrik Dór has worked with the boys from StopWaitGo for several years. They were also behind his entry in Söngvakeppnin, as well as María Ólafs Eurovision Entry. Brothers Ásgeir Orri and Pálmi Ragnar Ásgeirsson and Sæþór Kristjánsson are behind a lot of what’s going on in Icelandic popular music these days, and it would be a surprise if they don’t return to Söngvakeppnin soon.   

A busy summer for Friðrik Dór

As we reported a while back, Friðrik Dór recently wrote and released two songs with his brother, Jón Jónsson. He is also getting married later in the summer. During his stag do this week he, among other fun things, played a concert where he did his own version of “Lítil skref”, the song he finished behind in Söngvakeppnin 2015. Later this year he will be moving to Italy to fulfill his life long dream of studying interior design. Before moving, he will be doing two “going away” concerts in his hometown, Hafnarfjörður, titled “Friðrik Dór – Í síðasta skipti” (Friðrik Dór – For the last time).

Friðrik Dór in Eurovision

Even though he only finished second in Söngvakeppnin 2015, Friðrik Dór still got to go to Eurovision in Vienna. As we mantioned earlier, the same team of songwriters were responsible for both his entry and the winning entry. Already before the final, they had decided that if one of their songs won, the other singer would be included as a backing singer at Eurovision.

What do you think of “Segir ekki neitt”? Would you like to see Friðrik Dór representing Iceland in Eurovision some time in the future? 

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