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Netta’s “Toy” to feature on Just Dance 2019

Life after Eurovision only seems to be getting better for reigning Eurovision champion Netta! It has recently been announced that her 2018 winning entry “Toy” will be part of the soundtrack for Just Dance 2019.

Bringing Eurovision to the dancefloor

Including “Toy”, only three Eurovision songs have been in the Just Dance series so far. The other two consist of “Waterloo” by ABBA and Lena’s “Satellite”

The video below gives us a 75-second preview of the dance to “Toy”. It shows many aspects that were seen in Netta’s performance in Lisbon, including the chicken dance, of course! 

Just Dance 2019

The first of the Just Dance series was released back in 2009. It is now one of the biggest and most popular video games of the moment. Coincidentally, it is named after Lady Gaga’s hit single “Just Dance”, which eventually featured on the 2014 edition.

Furthermore, Netta will be featured on Just Dance alongside a variety of successful artists such as herself. As the likes of Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa and Britney Spears are included, Netta is surrounded by A-Listers!

With the addition of “Toy” in this year’s game, Eurovision fans all around the world can now dance along to it! You can purchase Just Dance on October 23 in North America and October 25 in Europe. 

What do you think about Netta’s song being featured on Just Dance 2019? Will it start to showcase the Eurovision Song Contest to a wider audience? Talk to us on our social media @ESCXTRA!

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