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TVE welcomes proposal for Spain to return to Junior Eurovision in future years

This year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk will be the biggest ever with a record-breaking twenty countries taking part. One country not on the list of participants, Spain, has been commonly rumoured as a potential returnee for the past few years. escPlus reveals that Spain only declined participation in Junior Eurovision 2018 “a few weeks ago” and that a return in the future is very possible.

Rejoining the entire Eurovision Family of Events?

As explained by escPlus, with Ana Maria Bordás becoming one of the new heads of delegation for Spain at Eurovision last year, RTVE began to explore participating in the other events that make up the Eurovision Family of Events. Their first project was to return to Eurovision Young Musicians, a project which was achieved last month when Spain returned to the competition for the first time since 2000.

Therefore, the next project for RTVE to assess is a return to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Spain last participated in 2006, despite four consecutive top-four finishes and a victory in 2004.

Broadcaster changes temporarily halt Junior Eurovision preparations

Unfortunately, uncertainty within the public body of RTVE in recent months including the introduction of Rosa María Mateo as temporary manager meant that “the series of complex preparations” required to participate in Junior Eurovision could not be completed.

Nevertheless, TVE has confirmed that the new management board has welcomed the possibility of returning to Junior Eurovision in the near future. Indeed, if the temporary directive board continues, this possibility increases further.

Do you think Spain will return to Junior Eurovision in the coming years? Let us know in the comments below!

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