Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 36

Never a Sunday without a round up of all kinds of perhaps not so very breaking news from around the Euroverse. This week we bring you a Norwegian hallway, a Ukrainian bride to be and a Finnish/Maltese match made in…heaven? We’ll also take you to Sweden, France, Israel…and did I say Sweden? Yeah? Well, I’ll say it again! And again. 

Aleksander sings in the hallway

Aleksander Walmann has a beautiful voice That’s just a fact. And he apparently likes playing with the sound of it. For more than two years he has been recording little clips of himself (sometimes with Ragnhild Harket) singing in the hallway of his building, and posted them on his instagram. Most of the songs are covers, but he’s also been performing some of his own music. My personal favorite (so far!) is this one; 


I’m not sure what kind of music you guys prefer, but I’m sure you’ll find something to satisfy you in Aleksander’s #klangenigangen/#hallwayharmonies series. His latest post is this!! Raise a hand everyone who, like me, would love living in his building! 

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