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🇬🇧 Katrina Leskanich submits song to UK internal selection

Will the UK be shining a light in 2020?

1997 Eurovision winner, Katrina Leskanich, has revealed in an interview with The American, that, as a songwriter, she has submitted a song to the UK’s internal selection process this year.

In the interview, she also revealed that she still enjoys performing “Love Shine A Light” at her concerts, and gets the audience involved by shining their phone lights in the air. A bit of a change from when they “used to hold up a flame from a lighter”!

No interest to return as a singer

Being asked the question, “Ever fancy representing the UK again [at Eurovision]?”, Katrina replied:

Not personally but I have written a song I will submit for 2020 that I think will see me handing over my crown to the next UK winner! Watch this space.

– Katrina Leskanich, speaking to The American

It was announced in September that the BBC would be internally selecting their entry for Eurovision 2020 in collaboration with record label BMG. In August 2015, BMG aquired the rights to Katrina & The Waves’ 1980s hit, “Walking on Sunshine”. With the BBC and BMG in collaboration to select the UK’s act this year, could Katrina be back involved with the British entry?

New album and tours for Katrina in 2020!

Katrina also revealed that she has recorded a new album in New York which will be released in 2020. The album will have some of her “original rock and pop values” from her Katrina & The Waves days, she reveals.

She also notes that she will be featuring on The 80s Cruise, departing Miami on 8th March, alongside other famous 80s artists like Tony Hadley, The B-52s and Berlin.

Katrina Leskanich at the Eurovision Song Contest

Katrina represented the United Kingdom at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest, as lead singer of Katrina & The Waves. Their song “Love Shine a Light” won the contest with 227 points, and they remain the most recent winners of the contest for the UK. Receiving 10 sets of 12 points, Katrina & The Waves won the contest 70 points clear of runners-up Ireland.

Katrina went on to present the jury votes of the United Kingdom at the 2017 contest in Kyiv. The UK awarded 12 points to Portugal – the eventual winner.

Would you like Katrina to return as a songwriter this year? Do you think her song could bring the UK a sixth win?

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