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🇧🇪 Hooverphonic reveal Eurovision effort “Release Me”

Hooverphonic, the Belgian hopefuls for the Eurovision Song Contest, have revealed their entry to the public. This morning, Peter van de Veire played “Release Me” on MNM Radio for the very first time. So what do we think, can this song bring the Flemish broadcaster their first ever top five finish?

Mad about Hooverphonic

Belgium has been loving Hooverphonic for over two decades now. In their time, Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts have had various different singers with them, including famous names like Geike Arnaert. However, after coaching 18-year old Luka Cruysberghs to the victory in The Voice of Flanders, Alex Callier was sure he had found their next leading lady.

There’s a lot of indie, electro, pop, psychedelic music and alternative elements as well. The sound Hooverphonic produce is therefore truly unique. When VRT decided to go internal, they knew the eclectic band would be very high up on their list. Eventually, the band said yes. Hooverphonic really only set one condition to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. They wanted a song they thought would be “good enough”. It appears they thought they had found it, as the Flemish broadcaster announced Hooverphonic as their act in October 2019 already.

Looking for victory with “Release Me”

Question is, is “Release Me” good enough? Is it good enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest on Dutch soil in three months? Hooverphonic sure believe in their chances, they said this morning. Radio host and Eurovision commentator Peter van de Veire hosted their interview, as well as a special press conference later today.

Alex Callier wrote the song himself, together with Italian Luca Chiaravalli, who wrote Occidentali’s Karma. The song speaks of the time where his father was ill and he has dedicated the song to him, as he has now sadly passed away. It is therefore a very personal story, but also a universal theme. Hooverphonic promised us an authentic song with their typical sound, and we got it. The band fully supports the song, and this because it is not a typical Eurovision song.

“Release Me” is now out on streaming platforms such as Spotify. Hooverphonic will release the official video at 11:00 AM CET today. The song is also on YouTube already, so check it out below!

First details about the potential act

In the music video, the band itself and additional string instruments are visible in this. They have already confirmed that singer Luka will not be on stage alone. Alex, Raymond will accompany her, as well as the drums and keyboard. Since Hooverphonic is a band, they want to appear on stage that way. The singing is entirely on Luka’s shoulders. No backing vocalists.

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