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🇳🇱 NPO has several Eurovision 2020 scenarios ready regarding Coronavirus

The organising broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, NPO, has several scenarios ready in case the Coronavirus threatens the Eurovision Song Contest. The Dutch broadcaster is in contact with the EBU to discuss the latest developments of Covid-19. However, there is no talk of cancelling the contest.

“We are prepared”

A spokesperson for NPO spoke to Dutch newspaper AD about the current situation. There, the broadcaster said it is still too soon to reveal the exact contents of each scenario. They refuse to publish such information because the developments of the Coronavirus are yet unknown.

NPO wish to add that their focus is still to produce an “unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest” in Rotterdam. That means cancellation, as several media outlets were claiming, is definitely not on the cards at the moment. Rumour has it one of the possible, but worst case, scenarios would be to host the contest in an empty arena… Presumably, another option would be to postpone the contest to a later date, but as mentioned before, NPO do not wish to confirm or deny any of the scenarios.

Prime Minister against cancellation

Just yesterday, the RIVM announced that the amount of Covid-19 patients in the Netherlands had risen from 38 to 82 in just a day. Previously, we’ve seen rising numbers in other European countries – mostly Italy – as well. The Coronavirus is holding a firm grip on the world at the moment.

Several events have been cancelled due to the spreading of the virus. However, the Netherlands seem to be keeping it reasonably calm for now. The largest art fair, TEFAF in Maastricht, will take place this weekend as always. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, has also spoken out about cancelling events, calling such decisions “not sensible”.

Earlier this week, several delegations announced their absence from the Head of Delegations Meeting in Rotterdam next week. These delegations include Sweden and Israel, but also a delegation from the EBU. Even the Executive Supervisor, Jon Ola Sand, will not be able to make it to his last ever Head of Delegation Meeting.

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  1. I mean, if they cancel it my question is: Would the same artists, songs compete in 2021 and would it be in the same place and have the same slogan?

  2. Pienso q es cualquier caso,se debe posponer el concurso…Nunca hacerlo en una arena vacía

  3. It\’s a very high cost event all ready. But if nessesary it\’s better to cancel the entire show and see if we can produce this massive event later or next year. An empty arena doesn\’t work. A huge part of all the fun is the audience during the live shows. I am glad that we are a very rich country and can handle this financially.

  4. Don\’t cancel it, just move it to another country that doesn\’t have cases of coronavirus, or one that has very few cases like Malta has 3 cases and Cyprus I think has 1

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