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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Eurovision 2020 CD to be released, despite contest cancellation

Paying "tribute to the songs"

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest may be cancelled, but fear not! Today, it has been announced, the official Eurovision 2020 compilation CD will still be released, according to Croatian broadcaster HRT.

Following the announcement from the EBU earlier today that the 2020 entries are “not eligible” to take part in the 2021 contest, the EBU has decided to go ahead and release the compilation CD for this year’s contest.

Decision follows Reference Group Meeting

The decision to release the CD follows the Eurovision Reference Group meeting today. During the meetion, it was also decided that the rules would not be changed to allow the 2020 entries to take part next year. Croatian broadcaster HRT announced the news about the CD’s release on Instagram earlier:

To pay tribute to the songs that were to be performed at this year’s Eurovision, the EBU has decided to release the Eurovision 2020 CD.

– HRT, Instagram (translated from Croatian)

Not time to say goodbye to the songs!

There may be no contest to vote for your favourites, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your favourites! And now, with the CD you will be able to have all your favourites in one place!


The physical release of the CD is expected for 17th April. There has been no confirmation of whether this date still stands or whether it has been delayed.

The 2020 CD will be the 21st official Eurovision CD, with the first being released in 2000. A CD was attempted for the 1999 contest, but due to copyright, some songs were missing from the track listing.

Are you happy the CD will still be released despite the cancellation?

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  1. So happy to hear this! Been collecting them since late 2000\’s. Shame earlier years hard to find or too expensive

  2. Delighted that the decision to release the Eurovision 2020 CD is made. This year had an excellent standard of songs.

  3. I am absolutely delighted that the ESC 2020 cd is going to be released. What I think should be a good idea is for a percentage of the sales to go to Coronavirus charities across the globe. I hope that you think this is a great idea as it would increase the sales of the album and that also a vinyl version should be released for the ESC purists.

  4. Absolutely the correct thing to do since the songs cannot be used next year. Releasing them on cd means the artists get the recognition they deserve and the fans get their annual fix of Eurovision songs.

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