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Eurovision 2020 entries “not eligible” for Eurovision 2021, EBU confirms

The EBU has just confirmed that the entries of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will not be eligible for the next contest in 2021. The decision ends a lot of uncertainty for fans and participating artists. The EBU were forced to make a decision on the matter after the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 had to be cancelled just a few days ago.

Alternative programming

The news broke tonight on the official social media accounts of the Eurovision Song Contest. In a statement, they say they are currently planning alternative programming to honour the entrants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The programming would also serve to entertain and unite audiences across Europe, like the Eurovision Song Contest normally would have done in the month of May.

They add the following statement regarding the eligibility of Eurovision 2020 songs for the 2021 contest:

With that [programming] in mind, the Reference Group, the ESC’s governing board, has decided that, in accordance with the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, this year’s songs will not be eligible to compete when the Contest returns in 2021.

EBU statement

What did the artists say?

Over the past few days, many artists have commented on their wishes to either keep their songs for next year or come up with new ones. For example, Bulgaria’s hopeful Victoria was clear. She wanted to perform Tears Getting Sober in 2021. On the other hands, we saw Hooverphonic from Belgium. Songwriter Alex Callier insisted on taking a new song to the contest in 2021, considering Release Me old news by then.

All in all, it has now been confirmed that we’re getting a completely new set of songs for 2021. However, not entirely with new faces, as many countries have by now confirmed to send their 2020 acts to the next contest as well. These include Jeangu Macrooy, Go_A, Efendi and Blas Cantó.

What do you think about the EBU’s decision not to allow this year’s entry to make an appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021? Let us know!

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