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πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡² Carlo Romeo: Europe Shine a Light “is a completely inadequate proposal”

SMRTV's Director-General expresses more anger in a recent interview

In an interview with Eurovision In, the Director-General of SMRTV, Carlo Romeo, has criticised the EBU over their replacement show for Eurovision 2020, “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light”. Speaking to the Italian website, he calls the proposal “completely inadequate”.

This interview follows a statement last month in which Romeo expressed his disappointment over the cancellation of Eurovision 2020. The Director-General believed postponing the contest to October would have been a better option.

“We pitched a competition”

In the interview, Mr. Romeo reveals that SMRTV proposed a replacement show in place of the cancelled contest, however the EBU ignored their proposal.

We pitched a competition for the day of the Grand Final. A show that serves as public service, explaining the coronavirus situation country by country with a choral song as opening act, a competition, a jury and a televote. The direction we were aiming for was more like public service but keeping the competition.

– Carlo Romeo, Director-General of SMRTV

Following on from his statement made after the cancellation of the contest, he also added that he was unhappy with the way SMRTV were informed about the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 as “a direct member of the EBU”.

We find it totally unacceptable that we were informed through social media… We found out that some of our partners and sponsors had the news before us, a direct member of the EBU. Scandalous.

– Carlo Romeo, Director-General of SMRTV

A proposal from RAI?

Mr. Carlo also reveals that SMRTV have been working closely with Italian broadcaster RAI. He reveals RAI have also submitted an idea to the EBU and hopes their idea is taken on board to be incorporated into “Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light”.

RAI worked on a project very close to ours, keeping the competition and the informative segments with an extra beneficial aspect, as people would be able to donate to their national health organisations – something similar to “Musica che Unisce”.

– Carlo Romeo, Director-General of SMRTV

He compares their proposal to a recent charity concert held by RAI, “Musica che Unisce”, which also starred former Eurovision artists in a bid to raise money for health organisations within Italy. It is obvious that throughout the interview Carlo is more in support of a “public service”-style show, instead of the show proposed by the EBU.

[Europe Shine a Light] is a completely inadequate proposal in its content during these times and in its manners. It just gives the impression of an event that got out of hand. Without a contest, the appeal – as we all know – is almost non-existent and it won’t really be a show in the way it was presented, a way to unite European broadcasters that are acting together in this emergency situation.

– Carlo Romeo, Director-General of SMRTV

Finally, he adds that he hopes that RAI’s proposal will not be ignored by organisers, however he does note that SMRTV will most likely broadcast “Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light”.

It is a beautiful project, certainly more solid than ours, and I am sure that France, Germany, Spain and all the others will take it into consideration… We will most likely join for Europe Shine A Light. However, we will continue to underline once again the inadequacy of the proposal as it was presented. We will continue, I hope not only us, to support RAI’s project or any other proposals that go in the same direction. Coronavirus cannot and must not repeal European television in any way.

– Carlo Romeo, Director-General of SMRTV

Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light

The EBU have announced that “Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light” will replace the cancelled Eurovision 2020 grand final on Saturday 16th May. The show, which will be broadcast at 21:00 CET, will be hosted by Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit live from Hilversum. The two-hour long show will honour the 41 entries chosen to take part in the 2020 contest and bring together all the artists from their home locations to perform a past Eurovision hit.

San Marino’s entrant, Senhit, will no doubt be honoured within the show for her returning entry, “Freaky!”. Senhit previously took part in the 2011 contest with “Stand By” and was set to return for this year’s contest in Rotterdam. It is currently unknown whether SMRTV will invite Senhit back to represent the nation next year.

Do you agree with Carlo Romeo’s comments about “Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light”? Would you prefer to see something similar to SMRTV and RAI’s proposal?

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