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πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ Bulgaria announces its Eurovision alternative programming

As we are getting closer to Eurovision week, more broadcasters are announcing their alternative programming during Eurovision week. Now, Bulgaria has announced the alternative programming that they will be airing next week.

Eurovision reruns, as well as an online vote to determine Bulgaria’s winner

Part of their Eurovision programming next week, Bulgaria will be airing re-runs of their most memorable participation in both the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as follows:

  • 12th May (22:00EET) – Eurovision Song Contest 2007 Grand Final – This contest shows Bulgaria’s first qualification to the Grand Final, where they placed fifth in Helsinki with their song ‘Water’
  • 13th May (22:00EET) – Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Grand Final – 2015 Junior Eurovision host Poli Genova returns to the competition and manages to score fourth place in Stockholm with her song ‘If Love Was a Crime’.
  • 14th May (21:00EET) – Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 – Bulgaria hosts a Eurovision event for the first time, with Poli Genova (2011,2016) hosting the event.
  • 15th May (22:00EET) – Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Grand Final – This contest sees Kristian Kostov participating for Bulgaria, which saw him score Bulgaria’s best result to date in the contest, placing second in Kyiv with his song ‘Beautiful Mess’.

As with the rest of Europe and Australia, BNT will also be airing Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light with 45 other broadcasters at May 16.

In addition to the reruns, it was previously announced that BNT will hold a vote to decide Bulgaria’s favourite song for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest

Bulgaria has participated at Eurovision on 12 occasions so far. VICTORIA will be the thirteenth artist to represent the nation at the competition. Between 2005 and 2013, Bulgaria only qualified for the final once with Elitsa & Stoyan in 2007 finishing in 5th place with their entry “Water” which used traditional instruments fused with techno music and was the first occasion that the Bulgarian language was used on the Eurovision stage. The song was originally titled “Voda” (Вода) before being altered to English for an international audience.

In 2020, Bulgaria were set to be represented by VICTORIA, with the song ‘Tears Getting Sober’. Since the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest, it has been announced that VICTORIA will represent Bulgaria at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

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