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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± OG3NE to hold ‘Home Isolation Concert 2’ on 7 June

After the success of their first ‘Home Isolation’ concert last month, which was had 10,000 streams sold; The Netherlands’s Eurovision 2017 representatives ‘OG3NE’ will once again be doing a new Home Isolation Concert with a new set list this weekend.

Tickets for OG3NE’s second Home Isolation can be bought right here.

OG3NE during ‘Home Isolation’

Since lock down has taken place in March, OG3NE has been in lockdown in their own respective homes. During this time, the sisters found a way to still sing together, and this is how the ‘Home Isolation’ was born.

OG3NE’s ‘Home Isolation’ series became a hit, with their Isolation version of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ managing to attract more than a million views on Youtube.

Due to the popularity of the ‘Home Isolation’ series, OG3NE has released two EP’s, which include a Eurovision medley. OG3NE has also released more episodes of the ‘Home Isolation’ series, which you are able to view by clicking right here.

OG3NE at the Eurovision Song Contest

Before participating in the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’, OG3NE participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as ‘Lisa, Amy & Shelley’ where they represented The Netheralnds with the song ‘Adem In, Adem Uit’ placing 11th in Rotterdam.

10 years later, they represented The Netherlands in Kyiv as OG3NE, with their song “Lights And Shadows” meant a lot to the sisters. It was an ode to their mother who then suffered from bone cancer.

When OG3NE reached the final for The Netherlands, their mother gathered all the strength and flew all the way to Ukraine to support her daughters. Two months later we received the sad news that their mother had died. The Netherlands finished in 11th place.

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