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🇷🇺 Sergey Lazarev releases music video for “Labirint” & performs at “VK Fest 2020”

Sergey delivers for his fans with a new video and his VK Fest 2020 performance

Sergey just released the brand new music video for his song “Labirint” from his latest album “Eto ya”, which was released in 2019. The video was directed by Alexey Kupriyanov. Moreover he also recently performed a whole set of his songs during the VK Fest 2020. Check all the videos below!

“Walking in a circle, we’ve found ourselves in a labyrinth”

Getting a new music video by Sergey is always a piece of art! The new video features him and Russian actress Moskalenko Ksenia. The video has a retro style not just because it’s filmed in 4:3 screen format, but also because of the VHS cassettes with song titles of his past album laying around in the video and showing scenes from the other person in the video on an old TV.

We’re reading thoughts, it pulls again
I wounded you on the first date
Holding you by the waist and will press you close
We are being illuminated by a thousand sparks

English translation of one verse

The song is called “Labirint” (Maze) and in the video, it seems that Sergey and the female part played by Moskalenko Ksenia try to get to each other forced by a connection that just seems to be there. They can’t find the way till the end, where it seems they might meet but this is where the video ends. Moreover, they are also the only two people appearing in the video. Makes the building where they are in seem even more like a maze! The video gathered over 100.000 views in just under 24 hours after release.

You can watch the video for “Labirint” below. Let us know your thought in the comments.

Two weeks ago the social network VK celebrated the “VK Fest 2020”, where Sergey performed a whole set of his songs including “You Are The Only One”. You can watch the whole video below or find clips of each oh his performances on his YouTube channel.

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