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🇫🇷 Tom Leeb released new song “Si tu savais” from his upcoming project “Silver Lining”

And this is just the beginning!

During this difficult time at the moment, Tom Leeb might not have been able to get to the recording studios, but he was working on his own project alone at home. His future project is called “Silver Lining” and he now released the first song from it called “Si tu savais” (eng.: If You Knew). More is to come next month. After the first song, we can not wait for more.

We all need a “Silver Lining” at the moment

It’s the perfect title if you ask me. Tom Leeb announced, that he worked on a new project while being in lockdown at home. The new project is called “Silver Lining” and he now released the first part out of that project created by himself. “Si tu savais” is the first song he published. On social media, he revealed that the next part will be out next month. On the cover of the song is a “1/4”, so this could mean that there are three more parts to come.

Tom Leeb at Eurovision

Tom was set to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam with his song “Mon alliée – The best in me”. Last month he also released the extended version of his debut album including his Eurovision entry.

“Si tu savais” is available on all platforms. You can listen to the song below:

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