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🇮🇹 Elettra Lamborghini and Giusy Ferreri want you to travel to La Isla.

Italy meets Cuba for this Salsa sounding sizzler!

What do you get when two of Italy’s fircest Sanremo divas come together in a music studio? Why an Italian beachside banger of course!

The song starts with the now iconic telephone sounding delivery of “Elettra, Elettra Lamborghini” purring at you at the top of the song. When you hear that, then you know a cracking song is about to follow!

Giusy’s vocals as recognisable as ever power through the song and Elettra adds to the dynamic providing a smooth counterpart to Giusy. All this is wrapped around a latin beat that would fit right in at a beach hut bar, poolside party or any Mediterranean nightclub setlist, that will no doubt get everyone up and partying.

All of this is undercut with a very carnival piano that makes this song sound very cuban so if you can get your Salsa on and get them hips moving. Speaking of Salsa there’s an accompaniment of a trumpet to further add to the summery feel.

You can listen to this slice of the Italian Mediterranean below.

Here’s the Spotify link below to add to your playlist.

Will you be travelling to La Isla? You’re free to tell us in the comments below and what’s better is our social media channels are all open to you too. All you have to do is contact us @escxtra on all platforms.

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