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🇷🇸 Tijana Bogićević releases her new single “Javna Tajna”

Tijana Bogićević, Serbia representative in Eurovision 2017, has released the video to her song “Javna Tajna”.

 “This time I recorded a song for you that you will fall in love with, and we will leave sad notes for some colder days!” she says.

The video is shot in black and white, with Tijana singing on a balcony as the love lyrics flash across. She is wearing a white shirt and the setting looks carefree and intimate, similar to the way recent videos have been shot during the pandemic. A jazzy solo wraps it up in a neat finish, while her vocals shine throughout.

The song is written by Aleksandra Milutinovic who also produced and arranged the video, alongside Dusan Alagic.

Watch the video here:

Tijana Bogicevic and Eurovision 2017

Serbia’s national broadcaster, RTS, announced its internal selection of Tijana Bogićević in February 2017. She’d had previous appearances on the Eurovision stage, however, as backing vocals in 2011 for Nina Radojičić’s performance of “Čaroban”.

For her semi-final performance, Tijana chose a simple stage, with LED backdrops that are water themed throughout the performance. A dancer joined her, and both of them wore white outfits. The LED backdrops are water themed throughout the song. However, she failed to qualify for the finale.

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  1. I think that the video is shot in 3D – the green and red shimmers, plus the way that the camera zooms in and out plus how Tijana moves about, all add up to that. It does stand out wearing 3D glasses, so I pretty certain that is the effect that the director wanted.

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