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🇲🇹 X Factor Malta replaced by Malta’s Got Talent

On July 6th, it was announced that Malta will not have another season of X Factor Malta in 2021. Instead, Malta’s Got Talent will take its spot.

X Factor Malta was the method that Malta selected their last two Eurovision artists: Michela Pace in 2019 and Destiny Chukunyere in 2020. However, due to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Maltese broadcaster TVM internally selected Destiny for the 2021 contest in Rotterdam.

The show’s Facebook page announced that applications are open to all people, including people outside of Malta. Unlike the X Factor franchise, Got Talent welcomes dancers, danger acts, comedy, and all kinds of talents. Since there is no Eurovision opportunity to give out in 2021, the prize for winning the show is 25000 Euros.

In order to apply, send Malta’s Got Talent a message via WhatsApp on 79202021 with your name, surname, age, and email. You can also send a video of your talent with your application.

Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest

Malta first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 with Joe Grech and his song, “Marija I-Malitja”, finishing in last place with 52 points. They also finished last on their second attempt in the contest in 1972. After a third appearance in 1975, Malta withdrew from the contest until 1991, when they returned and finished in sixth place with 106 points. 

Since their return in 1991, Malta has finished in the top three on four occasions. Mary Spiteri with “Little Child” in 1992 and Chiara with “The One That I Love” in 1998 both finished in third place, and Ira Losco with “7th Wonder” in 2002 and Chiara with “Angel” in 2005 both finished in second place. Malta has not yet won the contest, however.

In 2020, Malta selected Junior Eurovision 2015 winner Destiny. She would have sent “All Of My Love” to Eurovision 2020.

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  1. It\’s a real pity! It was an excellent show which I loved watching and definitely will miss! Best ever production!

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