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Over the summer, we are featuring a new series called Beyond Eurovision. Every week, we look at what happened to Eurovision stars since they took part in the contest. Next up in the series in Nathan Trent, who was a Eurovision finalist in 2017 for Austria. What happened after he run on air in Kyiv?

Where it all began

Back in June 2016, Nathan Trent released his debut single “Like It Is” – however, it failed to make an impact on the Austrian charts. No fear, as four years later, the music video has been viewed over 160,000 times on YouTube.

Shortly after the song was released, he began his Eurovision adventure with his selection for Austria being announced in December 2016. In the same year, he was also shortlisted to represent Germany at the contest – a job which was finally taken up by Levina.

His song, “Running on Air” was released on 28th February and hit the Austrian charts peaking at number 18. At the contest, Nathan appeared alongside his large crescent moon, making it through the semi-final in seventh place. Furthermore, in the final, Austria placed 16th with 93 points.

Good vibes for Nathan!

Following the contest, Nathan hasn’t had another chart hit but with his growing group of fans – known as Trentsetters – he has released many other singles. His 2019 single, “Legacy”, has racked up nearly 800,000 streams on Spotify.

His follow-up single to Eurovision, “Good Vibes”, was a big summer hit for Eurovision fans coming out of PED (Post Eurovision Depression) following the end of Eurovision week in Kyiv.

Nathan is not afraid to show his multilingual skills throughout his singles often releasing foreign language versions of his hits including “Secretos”, “Aire” and “Fino A Che Volerò”. His most recent release, “Most of It”, was released just last month and saw Nathan bring out a more “soulful” side “that really flaunts [his] vocal capacity”, as described by our very own Oliver.

Behind the mask

Nathan has also dipped his feet into the world of television following his Eurovision stint, with him joining the international jury for the Eurovision Song CZ selection in 2018. The national final, which was a first for the Czech Republic, selected Mikolas Josef as their Eurovision flagbearer – he later brought home the country’s best result in Lisbon.

This year, Nathan joined the judging panel of The Masked Singer Austria. Alongside actress Elke Winkens and journalist Sasa Schwarzjirg, he joins the many people across the world who have been solving the mystery of “who’s behind the mask”. The host of the show – Arabella Kiesbauer – is also no stranger to Eurovision. Fans of Eurovision will recognise her as one of the hosts of the 2015 contest! Currently, the first season of The Masked Singer Austria is halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who would you like to see featured next in our Beyond Eurovision series? If you missed last week’s article, looking back at Páll Óskar’s career, make sure you check that out!

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