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🇩🇰 Ulla Pia passes away at the age of 75

Danish singer Ulla Pia has passed away at the age of 75, after being diagnosed with cancer in March. Ulla represented Denmark at the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest, performing “Stop – mens legen er go”.

Before passing away on Saturday, she had been living in a nursing home in Copenhagen. Tributes have been paid to the singer, with Danish broadcaster DR featuring an obituary, documenting Ulla’s career.

Life and career

Ulla Pia was born on 17th February 1945 in Copenhagen, and from a young age, her talent was noted and she began a career in jazz music, performing alongside bands and orchestras. She was soon becoming a well-known name in Denmark, as she began to branch out to pop music and appear on many TV shows.

In 1963, Ulla married guitarist Ole Berndorff with whom she had her only child, Katrina. By the mid-1960s, Ulla had began performing with jazz musician Finn Ziegler who suggested that she should compete in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the Danish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. To her surprise, she won the selection with a landslide victory, despite competing against past Eurovision entrants Dario Campeotto and Gustav Winckler.

Performing “Stop – mens legen er go” at the contest in Luxembourg City, she managed to scored 4 points, and finished in 14th place overall. Her performance in the contest turned out to be Denmark’s last for over a decade, before their return to the contest in 1978.

Her biggest hits, however, did not come until 1969 and 1971 when she released “Flower Power Tøj” and “Karina”. She continued to tour throughout the 1970s, however towards the end of the decade, she took a step back from public life. With increasing family commitments and health problems, she retired from show business in the late 1970s.

The thoughts of the entire team at ESCXTRA are with Ulla Pia’s friends and family in these difficult times.

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