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🇦🇺 Montaigne has doubts over whether Eurovision 2021 will take place

She's not convinced the world will be back to normal

Back in February she won the right to represent Australia in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. The contest would, like so many other planned large-scale events, end up being cancelled due to the pandemic.

And while she has been confirmed to instead represent Australia in 2021, Montaigne has expressed doubts on whether the contest will go ahead in 2021!

Sorrowful to grateful

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Montaigne described her state of mind after learning of the cancellation: ‘I spent a couple of hours paralysed in bed, despondently scrolling through many lovely tweets’. She also draws back to her feelings of ‘elation, joy and satisfaction’ after winning Australia Decides in Feburary.

Montaigne says her coping mechanism at the time was to pivot from sorrowful to grateful. She stated she didn’t feel ready to participate in 2020 anyway, and is happy to have had more time to spend with her partner.

Not fully convinced

She also explains says that while her tears were dried by the news that she will represent Australia in 2021, she’s not fully convinced the contest will go ahead. This stems from her lack of faith in the world being back to normal in time for the contest. ‘I was stoked, but I’m resigned to the possibility I’ll never perform in Eurovision’.

Australia’s Eurovision history

While Australia’s continued presence in the contest is still puzzling to some, it has reason behind it. The nation has broadcast the contest since 1983, and the broadcasts regularly attracted large viewing figures in the country. Eventually Australia made their debut in 2015, immediately landing a top 5 placing with Guy Sebastian. Things only got better in 2016, when they placed 2nd with Dami Im, who also won the jury vote. They have qualified every year they have participated, and have held a national selection titled ‘Australia Decides’ since 2019. A true Eurovision powerhouse in the making!

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