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πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Final version of ‘Stronger With You’ in production

Earlier this week she was chosen as the first ever German Junior Eurovision representative. And now the final touches are being put on the chosen song ‘Stronger With You’. Will it be even stronger with a revamp?

Work has begun

The broadcaster KiKa has released some images, showing Susan and the song’s writer Levent Geiger in a recording studio. They are working on a revamp to the song, which was one of two possible entries presented by Geiger.

Representative Susan and Songwriter Levent Geiger

After work finishes on the song, Susan will head to the German capital Berlin in order to film a music video for the song.

Dein Song für Warschau

Susan earned the right to represent Germany after winning the national final ‘Dein Song für Warschau’ (Your song for Warsaw). Here she beat out four other hopefuls after being picked as the favourite of the expert jury.

In total, over 70 artists applied to become the German representative. Both selected songs, ‘Stronger with You’ and ‘See you Later’ were written by Levent Geiger, who was also a member of the jury panel. The panel also included Max Mutzke, who represented Germany in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

Germany’s Junior Eurovision History

While Warsaw 2020 will be their debut, Germany has shown interest in the contest in the past. The country was on the initial list of participants in the inaugural contest in 2003, but did not participate in the end. The contest was broadcast online by broadcaster NDR in 2015 and 2016, and a German delegation observed the contest last year. This late debut makes Germany the last of the ‘big five’ countries to participate in the junior edition of the contest.

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